Basket Injection Molding Machine

NPC precision machinery with rich experiences in the plastic rigid crates and baskets production process, and we are available provide you the turnkey solutions for full process of raw materials treatment, quantitative additive color mixing machine, fast and stable running. Our special design high speed crates injection molding machine with outstanding manufacturing process management, quality control supreme production management; Machine with high productivity under a lot of constantly optimized functions, the complete process with faster cycle time and low product defect rate.

Our plastic crates high speed production machine is widely apply on various rigid crates manufacturing line. For example, Bottle crates, Perforated plastic crates for vegetable and fruit, Foldable crates, stackable containers etc.

Basket Injection Molding Machine application

Plastic Crates Injection Molding Machine is an optimized injection molding machine for plastic crates and containers injection molding. Our plastic crate injection molding machine is dedicated designed according to most plastic crates features and constructions. A professional crate injection molding machine should be optimized the injection unit (Screw, barrel, heating, etc), Clamping Unit (Clamping platen, clamping force, Ejectors, etc), and the machine's frame & controlling system.

Our plastic basket injection molding machine is dedicated design for the plastic crates and containers manufacturing process with Bigger size of injection unit for huge injection weight, Special screw design for PP recycle material, Eco-friendly and Energy-saving, faster System Response, Faster Injection Speed.

Products Main Technical Parameter

Specification NPC470 NPC530
Screw diameter (mm) 95 100
Shot volume (cm³) 3119 3456
Injection weight(g) 2838 3145
Injection rate (g/s) 185 185
Injection pressure (mpa) 140 126
Screw L/D ratio (L/D) 17.9 17.1
Clamping force (KN) 4700 5300

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