NPC has launched different series of the machine, like high-speed series, fruit basket series, basket production-design series and other special design injection molding machine solutions ,which have been unanimously affirmed by customers.

NPC servo drive energy-saving precision injection molding machine adopts excellent system, which can solve the problem of large vibration of unlocking mold and unsmooth operation, thus affecting machine life and leading to low yield.

We also actively explore overseas markets, and our machines and turnkey solutions have been exported to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America areas.


Clamping unit

Strong rigidity of the template and stable operation

  • · Diagonal type dual toggle mechanic mould clamping mechanism
  • · One-piece casting of the connecting rod before connection
  • · Triple mechanical, hydraulic and electrical interlocking protection
  • · Standard interface of the neutron device
  • · Automatic centralized lubrication system
  • · Automatic mould adjustment function

NPC fork mechanism patent (patent number ZL201202812256)


  • · Avoid overhaul
  • · 3 plates must be polished
  • · Ensure the balance of the 3 pressure plates

High-end controller

  • · Open position repeat deviation﹤±0.5mm
  • · Open locating position deviation﹤2.0mm
  • · Injection position repeat deviation﹤2.0mm
  • · Charging and suck back end deviation﹤0.1mm

One-key setting of mold opening and closing(Optional)

  • ·One-key setting of mold opening and closing, easy to use
  • · Mold opening is fast and smooth to reduce machine wear
  • · High pressure clamping without impact to extend the life of the machine JLINK IOT(Optional)
  • · Complete production network management solution for injection molding machine.
  • · Data cloud and client terminal are connected.
  • · Analyze and supervise the basic informationfault, information, running data and other state information of injection molding machine.
  • · Order distribution, process setting, mold selection and other machine production information during the production process.

Injection unite

Accurate injection and stable operation

  • · Dual-cylinder balanced injection system
  • · Dual-cylinder base forward
  • · Multi-stage injection pressure/speed & position control
  • · Multi-stage storing pressure/speed & position control
  • · High-torque oil motor drive screw preplasticizing device
  • · Screw draw-back anti-drooling device
  • · Hopper temperature control by computer PID
  • · Ceramic hopper heating device
  • · Hopper blanking opening cooling system
  • · Screw speed tester
  • · It adopts dual-injection structure, vertically balanced at each side of the body, which makes the whole injection part work stably.
  • · Dual-cylinder horizontal injection and low-speed high-torque motor directly driving the screw to finish preplasticizing.
  • The injection part is equipped with three kinds of screws with different diameter to satisfy demands of products with different weight. A screw speed tester is also installed.

Hydraulice Safe Valve

Patent of NPC-Fork type mechanism(Patent No.ZL2012202812256)

  • Avoid overhauling
  • 3 plates never without polishing
  • Gurantee the balance of 3 platens

Hydraulic unit

Fast response and stable output The hydraulic system wholly adopts imported hydraulic components of famous brands, which improves the oil circuit combining inserts and slide valves, and also effectively raises the response speed of the system speed.

  • · Precise and stable hydraulic power device;
  • · Sensitive and stable hydraulic control elements;
  • · Oil circuit control system combining reasonably optimized inserts and slide valves, which improves the response speed of the system, and makes it convenient for maintenance;
  • · Proportionally optimized multi-pump control system;
  • · High-efficient and energy-saving servo control system;
  • · The whole series adopts flaring type seamless steel pipe to solve the problem of oil leakage.

Standard Injection Molding Machine

Standard servo motor machine: widely apply on various kinds of plastic products (range from mini size to extra large size), customer choose the ideal model base on the product shape/ inject weight and others;

High Speed Injection Molding Machine

Super-thick platen design, high rigidity, high production capacity

Extra large servo motor make sure the fast production capacity and less cycle time(under 1500ml within 10 seconds cycle time)

Paint Pail Injection Molding Machine

Extra-long opening stroke, large servo motor, high speed capacity, fast plasticizing capacity

Extra large servo motor,compare to standard machine, the complete cycle time of pail high speed series can reach to 23-30 seconds (standard machine cycle time is 45-50 seconds)

Basket Injection Molding Machine

Large injection weight, Bimetalic screw and barrel, high speed capacity

Equipped with extra large servo motor, compare to standard machine, the complete cycle time of basket high speed series can reach to 30 seconds (standard machine cycle time is 45-50 seconds)

Pet Preform Injection Molding Machine

Stable running, high speed capacity, energy saving

Adopt with Electric plasticizing motor to reach energy saving, low noise, high precision and efficient performance

UPVC Injection Molding Machine

Rigid design, high speed capacity, professional

UPVC machine bases on the standard servo motor machine to upgrade . Rigid UPVC special screw with high performance hard chrome plating or with stainless steel


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