Pet Preform Injection Molding Machine

PET plastic injection molding machine is special designed and manufactured according to PET material moulding technologies, such as the special design of the screw and barrel, precision controller of the heating of the barrel, tie-bar space, nozzl, ejecting system, enlarged motor and oil pump, etc. Various types of pet preform including pet bottle preforms, hot fill bottle preforms, wide mouth jar preforms and 3-5 gallon bottle preforms.

various types of pet bottle preform

NPC Precision Machinery has rich experiences in various types of PET preforms manufacturing process technology. We design the Pet preform injection molding machines aim at preforms or other PET products, offering an optional choices. We go through all the factors like: raw PET dehumidification, additive color mixing, production capacity,  stable running, even connect with the blow mold machine or other next step, then NPC will provide you the professional turnkey solutions meet with your budget and request.

Our PET preform injection molding machine is suitable for forming preforms of mineral water, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, edible oil, medicine cans and lotions, cosmetic packaging containers and other product preforms.

Advantages of NPC PET PREFORM Injection Machine

Fast & Efficient

  • PET machine with special design on enlarge clamping force.
  • Intelligent PLC system: ESTON System, which is sister Company of Innovance Taiwan, faster communicate transport and faster feedback when operation. Multi-function extension supports high speed manipulator, high speed mold movement and other equipment.
  • High speed movement: By increasing oil pump displacement, servo system power, improve the speed of machine Movement, including charging, injection, mold open and close, ejector.
  • Efficiency Hydraulic Circuit System: The efficiency of NPC machine is 15-20% higher than that of ordinary injection molding machine by optimizing oil route and valve , which greatly improves the output capacity.

Reliable & Energy Saving

  • NPC Servo Drive Energy-Saving Precision injection molding machine adopts excellent system, which can solve the problem of large vibration of unlocking mold and unsmooth operation, thus affecting machine life and leading the low yield.
  • One-key setting of mold opening and closing. Mold opening is fast and smooth to reduce machine wear.High Pressure clamping without impact to extend the life of the machine.
  • The Hydraulic system wholly adopts imported hydraulic components of famous brands, which improves the oil circuit combining inserts and slide valves, and also effectively raises the response speed of system, speed.
  • Wide range PET shot weight from 777 grams to 3350 grams machines to choose for exactly requirements and waste no more energy.

Fully Optimized Designed & High Performance

Clamping Unit

  • Enlarged the clamping platen Hardness and clamping force.
  • Optimized One-piece front connecting rod is wholly casted, thus to guarantee a good rigidity and smooth movement, the mail locking shaft remains static during opening and closing action, thus to reduce wearing of the die.
  • Self-Lubricating bush used. By means of its special abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient, it dramatically.
  • Increases the lift service of draw bar.
  • Complete Auxiliary solution for high speed PET injection molding system.( 3 in 1 Mold dehumidifier)

Injection Unit

  • Bigger screw designed for PET Material ,Make big injection weight.
  • The screw L/D ratio is 24:1, better for PET material plasticizing.
  • Upgrade the Hydraulic Motor the better torsion.
  • Ceramic heater brand is standard for better energy saving.
  • PID temperature PID control for injection unit as standard.

Products Main Technical Parameter

Specification NPC140 NPC160 NPC200 NPC260 NPC280 NPC320 NPC380 NPC450 NPC500 NPC600
Screw diameter (mm) 50 55 60 65 70 80 85 85 100 105
Shot volume (cm³) 432 508 797 945 1480 1960 2218 2218 3140 3983
Injection weight(g) 518 610 956 1134 1776 2352 2662 2662 3768 4780
Injection rate (g/s) 185 186 270 285 390 437 499 499 679 813
Injection pressure (mpa) 137 133 142 158 159 144 140 143 143 143
Screw speed (rpm) 120 155 150 145 105 100 84 84 80 100
Clamping force (KN) 1400 1600 2000 2600 2800 3200 3800 4500 5000 6000

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