Plastic Injection Molding Machine


What is a plastic injection molding machine?

Plastic injection molding machine, also known as injection molding machine or thermoplastic molding machine, is a device that heats, melts, and injects plastic particles or powder into molds at high temperatures, and then cools and solidifies to form plastic products of various shapes. Plastic injection molding machines occupy a very important position in the processing of plastic products and are widely used in various industries such as home appliances, automobiles, electronics, packaging, medical equipment, and construction.

When choosing a plastic injection molding machine, you need to select the appropriate model and specifications based on actual production needs. At the same time, factors such as energy efficiency, stability and after-sales service of the equipment also need to be taken into consideration. In general, the plastic injection molding machine is one of the indispensable and important equipment in modern production. Its application has brought huge economic and social benefits to all walks of life.

Working principle of plastic injection molding machine

The working principle of the plastic injection molding machine is to heat and melt the plastic raw materials, inject them into the mold through high pressure, and then cool and solidify to form plastic products of the desired shape. Specifically, the workflow of a plastic injection molding machine includes four stages: feeding, melting and plasticizing, injection and cooling.

In the feeding stage, plastic raw materials are added to the hopper of the injection molding machine. After being transported and compressed by the screw, the raw materials are pushed to the front end of the barrel.

In the melting and plasticizing stage, the raw materials at the front end of the barrel are heated and melted under the action of the heating ring. At the same time, the rotation of the screw pushes the raw materials to move backward, and are continuously compacted and plasticized.

In the injection stage, the screw, driven by the oil cylinder, injects the molten plastic raw material into the mold through the nozzle at high speed and high pressure. Injection pressure and speed can be adjusted as needed to obtain plastic products of different shapes and sizes.

In the cooling stage, the plastic raw materials are cooled and solidified in the mold to form plastic products of the desired shape. The length of cooling time will affect the hardness and quality of plastic products, so it needs to be adjusted appropriately according to raw material and product requirements.

The working principle of the plastic injection molding machine mainly relies on the rotation of the screw and the pushing of the injection cylinder, as well as the cooling and fixation of the mold. By adjusting parameters and optimizing the process flow, high-quality and efficient plastic product production can be achieved.


Injection molding machines are widely used in multiple industries. Here are some common application industry names:

In addition to the industries mentioned above, injection molding machines are also widely used in construction, machinery, transportation, 3C and other fields. In general, with the continuous development of technology, injection molding machines will surely develop more efficient and intelligent production models, injecting new vitality into different industries.


Ning plastic machine model

Special machines for civilian products (110-1600T) - production of daily chemical products and ordinary plastic products

Special machine

1. Special machine for thin-walled products (fast food boxes) (NPC280H-400H) - specializing in the production of thin-walled products, such as: fast food boxes, milk tea cups

2. Fruit basket special machine (NPC470, NPC530) - produces fruit frames, baskets and other products

3. Special barrel-making machines (NPC450, NPC650, NPC730)-produce 5L\10L\20L barrels,

4. Special machine for flower pots - producing thin-walled flower pots

5. Special machine for ceramic corner wrapping - producing packaging materials for ceramic tiles

6. Special machine for pipe fittings-PVC, PPR water pipe elbows

7. PET special machine-PET bottle preforms

8. Special machines for drippers (NPC270H, NPC300H) - producing irrigation flake drippers

9. High-precision machine (NPC110H-NPC260H)-electronic cigarette holder

Advanced machines: electromelt adhesive, second-plate machine, full motor


When you choose our injection molding machines, you gain unparalleled technical advantages, broad product diversity, outstanding customization capabilities and significant energy efficiency benefits.

  • Technical Advantages

    Our injection molding machines use the most advanced technology and are highly automated and intelligent. This gives our equipment significant advantages in processing accuracy, production efficiency and product quality. In addition, our technical support team always provides you with comprehensive technical support to ensure you get the best equipment performance and production efficiency.

  • Product Diversity

    Our comprehensive range of injection molding machines covers various models and specifications to meet different industries and production needs. Whether you need to produce small plastic parts or large, complex structures, we have an injection molding machine solution that's right for you. In addition, we offer a wide range of auxiliary equipment and accessories to help you achieve comprehensive production process optimization.

  • Available for Customization

    We understand that each customer's needs are unique, so we provide customized injection molding machine solutions. We can customize equipment specifications, configurations and functions according to your specific needs to ensure that our injection molding machines perfectly meet your production needs. In addition, we provide professional consulting services to help you choose the injection molding machine model that best suits your production needs.

  • Energy Eficiency Advantage

    Our injection molding machines adopt advanced energy-saving technology and energy efficiency management systems, which greatly improve the energy efficiency and energy utilization of the equipment. This not only helps reduce your production costs, but also helps reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, achieving green and sustainable production.

To sum up, when you choose our injection molding machines, you will gain excellent technical advantages, rich product diversity, personalized customization capabilities and significant energy efficiency advantages. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality injection molding machine solutions to help you achieve efficient and sustainable production.


Our company provides comprehensive pre-sales service and after-sales support to ensure that customers get the best service experience during the purchase and use of injection molding machines.

To sum up, the pre-sales service and after-sales support provided by our company are designed to help customers purchase and use injection molding machines smoothly and improve production efficiency and product quality. We will continue to improve and improve our service system based on customer needs and feedback to provide customers with a better service experience.


The future trends of injection molding machines are mainly reflected in the following aspects

To sum up, the future development trend of injection molding machines will pay more attention to the development of sustainability, digitalization, intelligence and personalization. At the same time, industrial Internet technology will provide better support for remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment. These trends will further improve the production efficiency and product quality of injection molding machines, reduce production costs and resource consumption, and provide better support for the development of enterprises.


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