UPVC Servo injection molding machine(140-1600)

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Rigid design, high speed capacity, professional

UPVC Servo injection molding machine(140-1600)
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Advantages of UPVC series servo motor injection molding machine(NPC110-NPC1600):

UPVC machine bases on the standard servo motor machine to upgrade:

  • · Rigid UPVC special screw with high performance hard chrome plating or with stainless steel
  • · Equipped with two or more core pulling device
  • · Multi stage of air cool device on barrel for precise control of the material temperature
  • · Large torque plasticizing hydraulic motor
  • · 4/4 in/out water distribution
  • · Close loop injection
  • · Digital proportional back pressure system
  • · 10 inches LCD display with multi-language as optional
  • · Return line filtration system
  • · Automatic safety door device
  • · Oil temperature control system
  • · The joint connecting part of the oil cooler adopted tougher design
  • · Continental rigid design of oil tubes

Optional devices

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Applicable area

Apply on the rigid UPVC production like: water tube electrical connecting parts.




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