How NPC’s Machine Achieve 25 Seconds To Produce 20l Pail?

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Have you ever imagined that produce 20 liter plastic pail under 30 seconds(cycle time)?In the plastic pail manufacturing market, most of the cycle time are 45-50s, with less cycle time means less labor-cost and higher production capacity, that would keep your products and your brand with more competitive. Let me guide you to know more about NPC’s high speed plastic pail(10L-20L) injection molding machine.

NPC itemized the models base on the mostly common use plastic pail volume range from 10 liters to 20 liters, to save your time on  choosing models and we have entry level and optional level.

Check the video how our machine preform with the robot:


How NPC’s machines make sure the stable running under the high speed operation?We have following device to ensure the performances:

1)Extra large servo motor,compare to standard machine, the complete cycle time of pail high speed series can reach to 20-25 seconds (standard machine cycle time is 45-50 seconds)

2)Extra-long opening stroke, the pail easier to take-out from the mold

3)Special Bi-metalic screw fits for the recycled plastics apply on this machine

4)High speed plasticizing capacity system


Looking for a high speed plastic pail injection molding machine supplier?

If you consider a safety working environment,we are the best choice,model NPC650 with automatic knock-out function that avoid manual take out ;model NPC730 meets with the request of equipped with robot or IML system.(more details of IML system or other automatic solutions please refer

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