Beneficial Feature of Paint Pail Injection Molding Machine

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The storage of paints is one of the most important factors that paint industries always put into consideration. Asides from the fact that paints, after being produced need to be stored in a very cool and well-ventilated place, the pail used for their storage is also of great consideration.

Just like you may have known, the best pail that is most often used for paints storage is plastic pails.

These plastic pails are manufactured based on the principle of injection molding which involves the injection of a molten plasticized plastic into a cold closed cavity followed by curing and conformation to the shape of the mold.

To make this operation easier and stress-free, the introduction of a paint pail injection molding machine becomes very significant.

In this article, you will be enlightened about the beneficial features of the paint pail injection molding machine and why you should consider going for it.


1. High-speed capacity

Why would a machine not have a high-speed operation?

That is the exact query question that comes to your mind whenever talks relating to the speed of the machine are discussed. For a fact, not all machines have high speed. There is always a variation in the speed of machines.

Also, the speed capacity of a machine determines the amount of output that will be achieved within a particular period. Paint Pail Injection Molding Machine significantly operates at a high speed, thus, improving and increasing the amount of output per time.


2. Fast Plasticizing capacity

First, let us understand for plasticizing capacity is. It is a measure of the capability to get an increased yield of plastic.

The cycle time operation of some similar machines is usually about fifty seconds. However, supported by its speed, the Paint Pail Injection Molding Machine can be used to get the desired plastics very fast with a cycle of operation as low as thirty seconds.

 paint pail injection molding machine

 3. Large Material Capacity

The speed at which the injection molding process will be completed also depends on the amount of starting materials and input that enters the machine.

When the amount of input is small, you should automatically expect that the amount of output will be small thus reducing productivity

However, the paint pail injection machine has a large material input capacity that enables it to take in several tons of raw materials at a time.


4. Large Servo Motor

Irrespective of size, the servo motor helps to generate reasonable power that will help to increase energy efficiency during production and manufacture.

An added advantage is the large size of the servo motor which ultimately leads to an increase in power thus greatly improving energy efficiency for production.


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Paint pail injection machine remains highly efficient in the manufacture of paint plastics. In addition to its efficiency, the improved speed of production cannot be left out.

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