Major Advantages and Disadvantages of High Speed Injection Molding Machine

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Injection molding is a decade-old fabrication technique that is still the most widely used method of making plastic products today.

In fact, no other technique is as adaptable or cost-effective in terms of precision, efficiency, or expense than the high speed injection molding machine.

There is a probability that you are surrounded by things made using plastic injection molding even as you read this. Plastics are one of the most cost-effective materials available.

They're also tough, malleable, and adaptable, allowing you to make vast amounts with only one injection mold.

This procedure is perfect if consistency is important to your brand or project because plastic does have high return rates for manufacturing consistent products, and they are often under 1% rejection rate.

It's never been easier to make high-quality, long-lasting products in such a small space of time thanks to today's technology.

The injection molding method is intricate, and each product necessitates a unique mold.

Molds for massive yields are often constructed of hardened steel material, a robust and durable material that is well-suited to the temperature and extremely high pressure encountered in injection molding.

Over the course of its lifetime, a one of these molds can produce tens of millions of parts.

As a result, the mold is mostly the costliest component of any production run.

However, in order to get the best deal, do not hesitate to contact a reliable manufacturer if you are seeking for a high-speed injection molding machine that is versatile, resistant, efficient, recyclable, and less expensive than alternatives.

high speed injection molding machine

 Benefits Of Injection molding


High efficiency and quick output.

Injection molding is capable of producing a staggering amount of product per hour. The cycle time varies depending on the complexity and dimensions of the mold, ranging from ten seconds to a minute.


Labor costs are low

Plastic injection molding is an active system in which the majority of the work is done by machines and robotics that may be controlled and managed by a single operator. Automation aids in the reduction of manufacturing costs by lowering overheads.


Design versatility

Exceedingly high pressure is applied to the molds themselves. Therefore, the plastic in the molds is pressed harder, allowing for more detail to be engraved on the part and the fabrication of complex or elaborate designs.


Production with a high output.

The tooling may create thousands of pieces before it needs to be maintained or repaired.


Availability of Wide Material Range

Polymer resins sometimes come in a wide range of colors and textures.

Various plastic materials can always be utilized at the same time, such as TPE over-molding on PVC pieces.


Perfect Color Management

Using master-batches or compounding, plastic components are made in any desired color.


High Product Consistency

Injection molding is a repeatable procedure, which means that the second item you make will be similar to the first, and so on.

This is a major benefit when attempting to create parts with tight tolerances and high reliability in large quantities.


Good Surface Finishing

Because parts normally have a good completed look upon ejection, post-production work is rarely necessary.


Increased strength.

It is feasible to use injectables in the molding material when using plastic injection molding.

These fillers serve to increase the strength of the finished product by reducing the volume fraction of the plastic while it is being molded.

high speed injection molding machine

Disadvantages Of Injection Molding


Expensive tooling and lengthy set-up periods.

Depending on the design, examining, and production requirements, the initial expenses are significant.

The first step is design and prototyping (most likely using CNC or 3D printing), followed by the creation of a concept mold tool to mass-produce reproductions of the part.


Costly Small batch runs of parts

The lead time can be rather long owing to the difficulty of tooling because of the need to clear the machine of all earlier material before another product can be manufactured.

Also, small runs of parts have always been assumed to be prohibitively expensive to injection mold.


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