Servo 110 Ton Injection Molding Machine NPC110

Products introduction

110 ton injection molding machine is one of the most popular plastic molding machines. NPC Precision Machinery provides our valued customers with the most optimally designed servo motor injection machines, which are equipped with high-speed toggle joints and large injection volume injection units. Our 110 ton injection molding machines offer very competitive injection molding machine 100 ton prices to compete with the most common injection molding machine manufacturers.

 Servo 110 Ton Injection Molding Machine NPC110
 Servo 110 Ton Injection Molding Machine NPC110
 Servo 110 Ton Injection Molding Machine NPC110
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100~110 Ton Injection Molding Machine Advantages

(Compare to other brands, NPC’s machine standard equipped with:

  • · 1 step bigger motor and pump, make sure machine preforms, make sure the production with less cycle time; avoid over-load alarm in tropical area or hot weather
  • · Standard with Bi-metallic screw, machine works durable
  • · 1 set Air blow device & Core-pull device
  • · 4/4 in/out water distribution
  • · Close loop injection
  • · Digital proportional back pressure system
  • · 10 inches LCD display with multi-language as optional
  • · Return line filtration system
  • · Automatic safety door device
  • · Oil temperature control system
  • · The joint connecting part of the oil cooler adopted tougher design
  • · Continental rigid design of oil tubes
  • · *under NPC280 (including NPC280), it fits in 20GP container

100~110 Ton Injection Molding Machine Optional Devices

Chrome coating screw (soft uPVC)
Rigid PVC device
PET device
Multiple of core-pulling device and multiple air blow device
Hydraulic shut-off nozzle
Spring shut-off nozzle
Euromap robot interface

100~110 Ton Plastic Injection Molding Machine Specifications

Suitable for the high production capacity request of the plastic pail and barrel.

Small size to medium size plastic spare parts, kitchenware, spare parts of household appliance , toys, hardware parts, switch eatc;

Specification   NPC 110
    A B C D
Screw diameter mm 32 35 38 42
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24.1 22 20.2 18.4
Shot volume(theoretical)(ps) cm³ 137 163 192 235
Injection weight(ps) g 125 148 175 213
Injection rate g/s 74 89 105 128
Injection pressure Mpa 249 208 176 144
Screw speed rpm 210
CLAMPING UNIT           
Clamping force KN 1100
Open stroke mm 350
Space between tie bars(W*H) mm 360*360
Max.Mould height mm 380
Min.Mould height mm 150
Ejector stroke mm 100
Ejector force KN 38
Max.pump pressure Mpa 16
Motor power/servo power KW 18.2
Heating power KW 9.6
Machine dimension(L*W*H) m 4.32*1.1*1.9
Oiltank cubage L 155
Machine weight t 3.1


100~110 Ton Injection Molding Machine Application


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