Side Entry High Speed IML System: High speed IML Bucket/Cups project

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Side Entry High Speed IML System: High speed IML Bucket/Cups project

Here your lovely Ms NPC Say hellos to you guys and we are happy to inform that NPC just finished a very perfect job of the IML ( in-mold-label system).We can’t wait to share the information to you and welcome all special project.

Send us a product, NPC return you with SOLUTIONS!

In-mold labelingis the use of labelsduring the manufacture of containers throughinjection moldingprocesses. The labeling serves as an integral part of the finalproduct, which is then delivered as a pre-decorated item. Combining the decoration process with themolding processcuts the total cost, but may increase the manufacturing time.

IML Side Entry Servo Robotic Systems The fastest and most efficient way to insert a label into a mold. It is extremely effective when the requirement is to use the same system to handle labeling, takeout, and stacking.

#pic1: General drawing of the complete project


*Side Entry-type robot(with custom-design gripper, Cavities:2, 4,6,8)



*Label storage station

*Stack-over system& Finish product conveyor

#pic2: enlarged view of the robot system

#pic3: enlarged view of the label station

     Main components parts of the IML system:


   Complete process step by step work flow:


   Reference size:



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