Opening a New Chapter, Setting Sail and Setting Sail Again

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At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, good news keeps coming! In the new year, NPC quickly resumed normal operations after the Lunar New Year holiday. Overseas business reports have been frequent, and multiple batches of machines have been shipped with lightning fast efficiency. NPC is like a giant ship, sailing through the wind and waves, setting sail towards a wider blue ocean!

This is not only an inspiring beginning in the development process of the company's overseas business, but also demonstrates the spirit of all employees of the NPC who are not afraid of challenges, courageously move forward, and strive for excellence and professionalism. Here, we extend our sincere gratitude to all overseas customers who support and trust the company! Your trust is the driving force for the company's progress, and your support is the source of the company's development!

A new year, new goals, new journey! The company will continue to uphold the spirit of "efficiency, professionalism, and dedication", continuously improve its competitiveness and innovation ability, and give back the trust of customers with higher quality products and services.

Facing the future, we are full of confidence! The company will closely monitor the international market trends, actively adjust strategies, respond to constantly changing market demands with a flexible attitude, consolidate and deepen cooperation with overseas customers, and work together to create a more brilliant future! We will focus on the following aspects:

  • Increase research and development investment, continuously develop innovative products, and meet market demand.
  • Optimize production processes, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.
  • Improve the after-sales service system to provide customers with timely and convenient services.
  • Strengthen communication and exchange with overseas clients, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships.

We believe that through the joint efforts of all employees, the NPC's overseas business will surely ride the wind and create new achievements!


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