Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Injection Molding Machine Faults

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Injection molding machines are key equipment in the production process of plastic products, and their operational stability is crucial to production efficiency and product quality. However, injection molding machines often encounter various malfunctions during use, which affect production progress and product quality. Therefore, timely diagnosis and elimination of common faults in injection molding machines is crucial. This article will provide a detailed analysis of common faults and their solutions in injection molding machines, in order to help operators better maintain the machines and improve production efficiency.

Common Faults and Causes of Injection Molding Machines

1.Insufficient injection

Insufficient injection refers to the inability of the injection molding machine to fill the mold cavity with plastic or the appearance of dents, bubbles, and other phenomena on the surface of plastic products during the injection process. The main reasons include low plastic temperature, insufficient injection pressure, slow injection speed, and low mold temperature.


Overflow refers to the situation where plastic flows out of the mold parting surface, slider gap, and other positions during the injection process of an injection molding machine, resulting in oversized product size or decreased surface quality. The main reasons include high injection pressure, fast injection speed, and large mold clearance.

3.Product deformation

Product deformation refers to the uneven shrinkage of plastic products during the cooling process, resulting in dimensional deviation or shape distortion of the products. The main reasons include uneven mold temperature and improper control of plastic shrinkage rate.

4.Machine noise

Machine noise refers to the abnormal sound generated during the operation of an injection molding machine, such as poor gear engagement, bearing wear, etc. The main reasons include loose mechanical components, poor lubrication, etc.

Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Methods for Injection Molding Machines

1.Diagnosis and elimination of insufficient injection

  • Check if the plastic temperature is suitable, and if it is too low, increase the temperature
  • Adjust the injection pressure and speed to ensure that the plastic can smoothly fill the mold cavity
  • Check if the mold temperature is suitable, and if it is too low, increase the temperature
  • Check if the mold is blocked or worn, and if so, clean or replace it.

2.Diagnosis and elimination of overflow

  • Reduce injection pressure and speed, reduce the possibility of plastic flowing out of mold gaps
  • Check if the gap between the molds is too large, and adjust the gap if it is too large
  • Check if the parting surface of the mold is flat, and if there is any unevenness, repair it.

3.Diagnosis and elimination of product deformation

  • Adjust the mold temperature to ensure even cooling of the plastic in the mold
  • Control plastic shrinkage rate, select appropriate plastic materials and molding processes
  • Check if the mold structure is reasonable, and optimize the design if there are any problems.

4.Diagnosis and elimination of machine noise

  • Check if the mechanical components are loose, and if so, tighten them
  • Check if the easily worn parts such as bearings are severely worn, and replace them if necessary
  • Regularly lubricate and maintain the injection molding machine to ensure smooth operation of mechanical components.


Various malfunctions are inevitable during the use of injection molding machines, but as long as operators are familiar with common faults and their causes, master fault diagnosis and troubleshooting methods, they can quickly solve problems and ensure smooth production. Therefore, it is recommended that operators regularly maintain and upkeep the injection molding machine to improve its service life and production efficiency. At the same time, enterprises should also strengthen training and technical support for injection molding machine operators, improve their skill levels, and provide strong support for the stable development of the enterprise.


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