NPC's active participation in research: Accelerating high-quality development

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On the morning of March 13, Bao Chaoyang, secretary of the county Party Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Ningbo Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone, led a team to visit and investigate some key enterprises in our county.

The first research station came to NPC, Secretary Bao Chaoyang visited the production workshop, detailed understanding of product performance, market applications, etc., encouraged enterprises to seize opportunities, take advantage of the trend, make full use of industrial resources and enterprise development advantages, increase market development, and continue to climb towards the upstream of the industrial chain innovation chain value chain.

Deputy county governor Shi Jian, Ningbo Marine economic development Demonstration Zone Management Committee deputy director Chu Zhaojie participated in the research.

After this investigation, NPC deeply felt the responsibility of the future, we will actively respond to the county Party secretary Bao Chaoyang's call. We will strengthen our confidence, continuously improve product quality and technical level, keep up with market demand, strive to explore and innovate, accelerate the upgrading of the industrial chain, and contribute to promoting the high-quality development of enterprises.


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