The Spring Breeze Brings Warmth, and Women Bloom With Beauty - to Our Most Respected Female Compatriots

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In this spring, we welcome the 114th International Women's Day. On this day, we extend our highest respect and deepest blessings to every female compatriot who works hard and silently contributes in the company!

You are half the sky of the NPC and an important force driving its development. In your work, you have created countless brilliant achievements for the company with the delicate, patient, and resilient qualities unique to women. You have demonstrated the profound meaning of "women can hold up half of the sky" through practical actions, showcasing the charm and charm of women in the new era.

On this special day, in order to express our company's respect and gratitude to all female employees, enrich their leisure time, and enhance communication and cooperation between departments, we present holiday gifts to all female employees and arrange different activities organized by various branches of the company.

Wishing all female compatriots a happy holiday, good health, smooth work, and a happy family! Let's work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow for our company!


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