NPC Teaming Building in August 2022

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In the past few days(Aug.28th), NPC’s Guangdong Marketing Office launched a two-day team-building activity--stand-up paddle(SUP for short).SUP is very popular among young people around these two years.

This activity aims to provide a platform to relax ourselves, have better communication, and strengthen the relationship within the marketing office.

After a 30 minutes warm-up hiking, all of our guys dress up with the life jacket and listen to the coaches carefully. Then it’s our showtime.

Take a Marketing Family Photo to memorize this special and happy moment

According to our coach’s guide, we played games in groups, yoga on the SUP and free roaring in the lake. All these required teamwork spirit and support among our colleagues, which greatly enhanced our team's cohesion.

NPC team building

NPC team building

This team-building activity brings us together with a happy moment. It is an effective way to shorten the distance of all members and enhances workmates’ sense of belonging to the company, we gather together feeling the encouragement of the team, the good interpersonal relationship, the warm atmosphere...Increase our courage to overcome difficulties and the strength to keep moving forward.


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