NPC Fire Safety Training

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In order to further enhance the fire protection publicity and improve the fire safety awareness of all staff.

On the occasion of the 31st National "119 Fire Fighting Day", our company cooperated with the fire department and invited the instructor Cheng of the Community Safety and Fire Prevention Center to carry out the "119" fire safety theme education activity with the theme of "grasping fire safety and ensuring high-quality development".

Pay attention to fire protection,and life is supreme

During the educational activities, Coach Cheng popularized the basic knowledge of fire safety and laws and regulations to the company's trainees. Focusing on the "four capabilities" of fire safety and the daily fire safety management of the unit, it focused on fire prevention, self-inspection of fire hazards, use of fire facilities, precautions and maintenance, initial fire disposal, fire escape and self-rescue.

It also gave a detailed explanation on the safety of household fire, the correct use of electrical appliances, and the fire-fighting equipment for vehicles and households.

Fire fighting demonstration

Afterward, Coach Cheng explained to the trainees how to use fire extinguishers correctly.

The employees who participated in the training actively learned and responded enthusiastically.

In summary

The training cases are rich, detailed and vivid, which not only fully mobilized the enthusiasm of our employees to learn fire protection and participate in fire protection, but also enhanced employees' sense of responsibility for fire safety, strengthened their understanding of fire protection knowledge, and improved employees' fire safety awareness and skills. The ability of self-defense and self-rescue has created a good atmosphere for all staff to participate, jointly prevent and create a safe enterprise, effectively laying a solid foundation for NPC fire safety, and escorting the fire safety work of the general public.


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