A Guide To PET Perform Injection Molding Machine

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PET preform is a typical injection molding product, which is easy to transport, mostly made of plastic material, with uniform texture and excellent insulation. It is an intermediate product of plastic bottles and oil drums.


Defining a PET preform

The preform is an article made of Polyethylene Terephthalate, commonly known as PET. It is normally manufactured using a mould on an injection system, which is subsequently blown into a container for edible or non-edible liquids (water, soft drinks, milk, alcohol, oils, detergents, personal care) on a blowmoulding system.

In practice, what comes out of the machine is a test-tube shaped object with a threaded, finished neck that is then transformed into a customized container used to distinguish a specific brand.

The preforms are used both by companies involved in the creation of packaging for third party companies, and by industries that carry out all phases of production in house, from creation of these PET articles to bottling of the end product.

The technical characteristics of the machines and moulds used to create the preforms are very important, as they determine fundamental aspects such as:

  • production speed,
  • product quality,
  • power consumption,
  • process costs,
  • frequency of maintenance.

Also, given the level of customization required by companies in the beverages sector, customization of the preforms to obtain made-to-measure packaging is increasingly of central importance.

PET injection molding machine

What is a PET perform injection molding machine?

A PET injection molding machine is the same as any other for PE, PP or the like. The difference, it does not make a final product but a preform. When you inject a plastic object, your mould has the outer and internal form and the space between both is filled with plastic to form the object. For a PET bottle such is difficult as you can't get the internal form out of it. So a preform is injected, which is the screw top and an hollow, finger like shape. On the filling machine, the top is firmly gripped, the "finger" is heated, placed inside an outer form and compressed air is blown into it. So a bottle is formed to the form of the external mould, simple but smart. That's how all PET bottles are produced.


Features of NPC PET series servo motor injection molding machine

· Adopt with Electric plasticizing motor to reach energy saving, low noise, high precision and efficient performance

· The position between the mold and injection can be controlled in ±0.1mm

· The screw design realized good plasticizing performance, good self-clean function and good exhaust.

· Super ejector force

· Balance dual cylinder injection system

· PET special design screw

· 1 set Air blow device & Core-pull device

· 4/4 in/out water distribution

· Close loop injection

· Digital proportional back pressure system

· 10 inches LCD display with multi-language as optional

· Return line filtration system

· Automatic safety door device

· Oil temperature control system

· The joint connecting part of the oil cooler adopted tougher design

· Continental rigid design of oil tubes

PET injection molding machine

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