What’s A Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine

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A Servo motor molding machine means that the servo valve controls the mold and the servo drive is used to reform the molten plastic at very high quality and less operational cost. These servo motors are used instead of using standard AC motors.

In the modern industry, the servo motor is a device that accrues out the command of instruction. When you are operating an injection molding machine, the servo device receives a signal from the computer and achieves the aim with accurate speed, controlling the pressure which changes the speed and torque of the servo motor.

However, the feedback is quickly detected by the pressure sensor and the rotary transformer encoded during the process of execution and the servo system performs effectively which is they control the speed and pressure of the servo so that the injection molding machine produces quality products and runs stably.

Principle of servo motor injection molding machine

Two types of principles guide the process of servo motor injection molding machine which are

l. Flow control principle

When the pressure sensor detects the pressure is less than the value targeted, then the servo drives ensure the speed of the servo motor is accurate to ensure the output flow of the pump is a set value.

2. Pressure control principle

When the pressure detects the pressure is an exact value, the torque of the servo motor is controlled by the servo device to ensure the output flow of the pump is at the targeted value

Advantages of using the servo motor injection molding machine

l. It saves energy

The servo motor injection molding machine control and its principles lie in: The production materials needed for the processing of the products must ensure that the pressure and flow rate of the process are accurately and quickly provided to meet the oil supply-demand and the overflow loss is eliminated. By doing so the requirements such as precise, rapid, and energy-saving plastic molding are met.

servo motor injection molding machine

2. Precision

The servo motor injection molding machine must achieve to target to attain precision which is the pressure control accuracy and system accuracy.

The pressure control accuracy is a reliable and advanced PID algorithm that ensures the fluctuations range of the system is less than - or + 0.5 bar so that high-quality products are achieved.

And the system accuracy ensures that the injection accuracy end position reaches 0.1mm and the repeated weight accuracy reaches 0.15percent of the oil pumped to reduce the defective rate.

3. Economy and fast response

The higher the speed of the servo motor, the rate of oil pump output will increase which will increase the system speed and ensure high-quality products are produced.

The hydraulic that is used for the machine has a stable temperature rise and can save the oil and also extend the hydraulic component service life.

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