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        With the rapid development of the NPC and continuous innovation of the advanced technology, NPC is also expanding our marketing and attracting new customers from domestic and overseas. During April, our customer on-site to visit our Foshan marketing office, he was impressive by NPC’s professional, supreme service and eye-catching machine. On behalf of NPC, our overseas marketing supervisor Mr Jet Hu warmly welcome our customer and gave satisfaction answers to all doubts from customer.

        On April 21st, we had a meeting with the customer and the meeting with two parts. The first part is to share our company’s background, technical support and how we grow up in the past decades, how we solve aftersales & quality issues; the second part is introducing our main machines, machines applications etc.   


        On April 22nd, accompanied with our workmates, we visited the end-users nearby us,  as the saying goes: seeing is believing;  he saw how our machines made a good performance and end-user gave a high compliments on our long-term service.

We believe that our customer with a basic information of our company, for better understanding our production and company strength, our team flew to production base located in Ningbo with the customer. They visited all the workshop one by one and witnessed how we process the overseas’s container loading. He showed great interesting to cooperate with NPC and highly praise on our quality control, the whole production process.

After visiting the production base, we sat down and start the further discussion on the future long-term cooperation and details discussion. Looking forward the future win-win and grow-up together achieve soon.


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