Understanding the Different Types of Injection Molding Machines and Their Applications

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Plastic parts can be produced in huge quantities using the well-liked manufacturing technique known as injection molding. To generate the desired shape, molten plastic material is injected into a mold cavity and allowed to cool and solidify.

The injection molding machine, which comes in several types and is each created for a particular application, is one of the crucial elements in the injection molding process.

This article will examine the many kinds of injection molding equipment and their uses.

What is Injection Molding Machine?

Two components typically make up an injection device and a clamping unit in an injection molding machine. The plastic pellet material is heated into a liquid by the injection equipment.

When a mold needs to be closed, clamped, or perform other tasks, the clamping device holds the mold and supplies the necessary force. The quick processing and low costs of injection molding equipment are two benefits.

injection molding equipment

Types of Injection Molding Machines

Hydraulic injection molding machines

Hydraulics power hydraulic injection equipment, as the name suggests. Although this approach is incredibly effective, it has the limitation that they cannot be left to do anything.

To keep the melted plastic at a steady temperature, they must run continually. The machine needs extra care and time during startup and shutdown to prevent harm.

Plastic that hasn't achieved the right temperature during startup needs to be thrown out for recycling. To prevent resin from hardening and blocking the barrel during startup, you might need to remove any excess resin from the barrel and screw it during the shutdown.

Electric injection molding machines

Although the cost of all-electric injection molding machines is more than that of hydraulic injection machines, they don't require the constant operation or temperature regulation. Injection molding is more efficient than all-electric processes and is generally more stable. There is no chance of a liquid leak in an all-electric injection machine because it lacks a hydraulic system.

Hybrid injection molding machines

Hydraulic and electric elements are combined in hybrid injection molding equipment. The injection unit is powered by electric motors, and the clamping unit is powered by hydraulics.

In terms of high precision, quick cycle times, and energy efficiency, hybrid machines offer the benefits of both hydraulic and electric machines. They are adaptable in terms of production needs and appropriate for a variety of applications.

Two-shot injection molding machines

Two separate materials or colors can be injected into a mold cavity using two-shot or dual-shot injection molding equipment to produce a single part with a variety of components or colors.

According to the design specifications, the components are injected sequentially or simultaneously into these machines' two injection units and two molds. Industries including automotive, electronics and consumer products employ two-shot machines when they need multi-component items in a variety of materials or hues.

Applications of Injection Molding Machines

Many different industries and purposes employ injection molding equipment, including:

  • Automotive: The automotive industry uses injection molding equipment to create a variety of plastic parts, including dashboards, bumpers, interior and exterior trim, and electrical connectors.
  • Packaging: Plastic packaging for the food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries is commonly made with injection molding machines consisting of various types of containers, bottles, caps, and closures.
  • Medical: Syringes, vials, IV connectors, and surgical instruments are just a few examples of the high-precision, exacting products that injection molding machines can create.
  • Electronics: Plastic components, connectors, and housings for computers and other electronic equipment are manufactured using injection molding machines.
  • Consumer Goods: Toys, kitchenware, home appliances, and sports equipment are just a few of the consumer goods that are produced using injection molding machines.

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