NPC's plastic exhibition in Kazakhstan ended successfully

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Recently, NPC participated in the 16th International Plastics and Polymer Industry Exhibition held at the Atakent Exhibition Center in Kazakhstan and achieved great success.

Kazakhstan is an important country along the "Belt and Road" and has extensive cooperation space with my country in the economic and trade fields. As a professional manufacturer of precision plastic injection molding machines, NPC keeps pace with national development and explores important business opportunities in the "Belt and Road". By participating in the exhibition held in Kazakhstan, our company can better understand the local market demand, find suitable local agents, and jointly expand the business layout in the region.

During the exhibition, our employees, relying on their high professionalism in injection molding machine products, explained our main exhibited products to interested merchants one by one through videos, brochures, physical samples, etc., including standard injection molding machines, high-speed injection molding machines, paint bucket injection molding machines, PET preform injection molding machines, etc. Let the merchants have a preliminary understanding of NPC's company strength and injection molding machine product advantages.

Through the exhibition and explanation of high-quality injection molding machines, many merchants expressed their intention to learn more about them and put forward feasible ideas for future cooperation. The NPC staff present also extended a warm invitation to them, welcoming them to come to China and inspect our production base.

The success of this exhibition lies in that it not only attracted the active participation of local merchants, but also successfully attracted merchants from the surrounding Central Asian region. This regional radiation effect provides our company with more opportunities to contact international buyers, which helps to expand a broader market space.


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