NPC Precision Celebrates a Year of Charitable Achievements at the Guangdong Lion Club's Annual Event

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In an evening filled with camaraderie and goodwill, NPC Precision had the privilege of attending the Guangdong Lion Club's "Harmony in Charity, Setting Sail" inauguration ceremony for the 2023-2024 term. The event, which included a charity gala, brought together Lion Club members from Foshan and philanthropic entrepreneurs from various walks of life, united by their commitment to charitable causes. Established on April 2, 2002, the Guangdong Lion Club has steadfastly upheld its motto, "Rectify Self, Assist Others, Serve Society," promoting humanitarian values and actively engaging in a wide range of philanthropic initiatives, including aiding the disabled, supporting education, caring for the elderly, assisting orphans, rural revitalization (poverty alleviation), environmental conservation, healthcare, disaster relief, and community service.

A Heartfelt Night of Giving Back

At the heart of the evening was the "Charity Auction Banquet," where Lion Club members and benevolent business leaders generously contributed a multitude of exquisite collectibles. The fervor in the room was palpable as Lion Club members and guests engaged in spirited bidding, driven by their shared passion for raising funds for charitable causes.

Celebrating a Year of Collaboration and Contribution

Over the past year, NPC Precision has been actively involved in various philanthropic support services organized by the Guangdong Lion Club, earning recognition and receiving the Special Contribution Award at the ceremony.


In a grand culmination, representatives from the Guangdong Lion Club, government officials, and representatives from social organizations took the stage together, marking the beginning of the 2023-2024 term. We look forward to another year of close collaboration between NPC Precision and our partners as we strive to achieve even greater milestones in the coming year. As a dedicated company committed to making a positive impact, NPC Precision is honored to be part of such significant charitable endeavors.


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