NPC Indonesian Branch Start 5-Year Strategic Partnership with President of the University of Indonesia

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In December 2022, Mr. Fauzi Iskandar, the general manager of our Indonesian office, came to the National President University of Indonesia and participated in the school's conference on the theme: Plastics and the Future and the use of NPC injection molding machines in school teaching and research activities.

National President University of Indonesia

The President University of Indonesia is a private university approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Education. The school currently has more than 5,000 students and more than 200 faculty members. University lecturers and professors are from all over the world, such as Purdue University in the United States, Stanford University, VIRGINIA Polytechnic College and Australia R. M.I.T University. In addition, entrepreneurs will come to the school to participate in university lectures. President University is located in the Chigarang Industrial Zone in the east of Jakarta, with complete school facilities. President University's mission is to cultivate business leaders with global thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. The undergraduate program currently has four departments including the School of Business, the School of Factory, the School of Humanities, and the School of Information Technology.

the general manager of our Indonesian office

Mr. Fauzi Iskandar, through a PPT presentation, described the pros and cons of the coexistence of humans and plastics and the trend of developing friendly plastic products in the future, and introduced the advantages of the current cooperative brand NPC and the market share in Indonesia.

NPC communication

After the speech, I communicated with professor Nanang, Dr Lydia, etc. in detail about cooperation details and future prospects, showed a detailed 5-year strategic cooperation agreement, and implemented a plan to put the machine in the exhibition hall for teaching. I hope that through the in-depth cooperation between the two parties, on the basis of improving the practical work level of teachers and students in the school, realize complementary resource advantages, mutual benefit and win-win situation.


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