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Love Donation

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The sun is shining brightly and the spring breeze is touching my face. In this vibrant day, NPC CEO Mr. Ding Zhijun and after-sales supervisor Mr. Huang Xingwen returned to Hunan with a batch of wardrobes and disinfection cabinets, sending a special warmth and care to the local nursing home.

This donation activity not only highlights NPC's sense of social responsibility, but also inherits and carries forward the traditional virtues of respecting and caring for the elderly of the Chinese nation. This batch of wardrobes and disinfection cabinets will provide a more comfortable and safe living environment for the elderly in the nursing home.

After the donation ceremony, the representatives of our company had an in-depth communication with the person in charge of the nursing home, and learned about the daily life and needs of the elderly people in detail. In addition, we also made a special trip to the garden to visit these lovely old people and send them warmth and care.

Mr. Ding Zhijun stressed: "As a businessman, I know that the success of enterprises cannot be separated from the support and nourishment of society. Therefore, we have the responsibility and obligation to give back to society and contribute our share to social harmony and development."

Through this activity, we deeply understood the needs and expectations of the elderly, and also strengthened our determination to fulfill our social responsibilities. We will continue to actively participate in various public welfare activities, practice our social responsibilities with practical actions, and contribute our strength to building a better society. At the same time, we also hope that through our actions, we can drive more people to pay attention to and support public welfare undertakings, and jointly contribute to the construction of a harmonious society.


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