Indonesian Agent Visits NPC with Customers

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Recently, an Indonesian agent visited NPC with local end customers and successfully secured a batch of new orders. This visit showcased NPC's technical prowess and product advantages, further strengthening the collaboration between the two parties.

Founded in 2009, NPC specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, and after-sales service of precision plastic injection molding machines. With over 20,000 square meters of factory space, the company, leveraging the founder’s 20-plus years of industry experience, has launched various injection molding machine solutions such as high-speed series and standard series, which have received widespread acclaim from customers.

During the visit, the Indonesian customers thoroughly understood NPC's production processes and quality control systems, expressing high recognition of the company's technological innovations and high-quality products. The demonstration of the high-speed injection molding machine and the fruit basket series particularly piqued the customers' interest. NPC engineers provided detailed explanations of these machines' technical advantages and live demonstrations, bolstering the customers' trust and willingness to cooperate.

In the subsequent discussions, both parties delved into the specifics of future cooperation, confirming new orders on the spot and planning for long-term collaboration.

This visit lays a solid foundation for NPC to further expand into the Southeast Asian market. The company will continue to adhere to the principle of "quality first, customer foremost," consistently innovate, and optimize product structures and performance, aiming to become a leader in the global plastic machinery industry. NPC looks forward to partnering with more international customers to create a brilliant future together.


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