Factors to Consider When Buying Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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Plastic Injection Molding, as most of us in the plastic production industry know, is just as significant as almost any manufacturing technique.

When it comes to selecting efficient plastic injection molding machines, there seem to be numerous factors to take into consideration.

Several crucial decisions made during each lifecycle of a product are based on information and analysis supplied initially before production commences.

While buying an injection mold, paying utmost attention all through the process is crucial for a continuous and anxiety-free production rate.

Several mold designing considerations must be taken right at the outset of the product life cycle. Others get started as soon as the machine transaction is complete.

Below are five-factor to look out for before purchasing an injection molding machine for plastics:

Shot Quantities

The largest volume of molten plastic material that an injection molding machine can infuse successfully into the molding chamber in the course of a single molding process is known as shot quantity.

For injector molding machines manufactured in Asia or Europe, the measuring standard for shot quantity is cm3. While US Machines are measured in ounces.

When looking for machinery, it's usually a good idea to go for one that can produce 30-40% larger shot quantities greater than those required by your parts.

Tonnage Capacity

In other manufacturing industries, tonnage capacities are evaluated according to the number of tones or downforce the machinery can apply against a workpiece.  

Similarly, Tonnage is determined in plastic injection molding equipment as the force required for the equipment to compress platens that support the mold cavities and shape the molten plastic that is infused into that same cavity to achieve the intended product.

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Mold Design Review

The features of mold fill, temperature control, and discharge should be prioritized when you want to purchase an efficient injector molding machine.

The majority of the selections should be justified by simulated results and verified previous experience.

When it relates to discharging of finished workpiece, consider why the product should stay on the machine's ejection end during each cycle and whether it can be evacuated without causing harm to the operator or employees.

Cost Savings

No percentage of cost savings is beneficial if it jeopardizes the injector mold's capacity to be maintained, has the potential to impact the dimensional accuracy of parts, or makes start-up and routine operations more difficult.

The cost of scrap materials, depletion of resources, downtime, and maintenance operations will all outweigh tooling investments.

Therefore, it is important to think about how cost savings will impact the total efficiency of the injector molding machine.

Customize Mold Attributes.

Ensure you provide the injection molding supplier with standardized dimensions for the hinged slot, hoist bar, and other subcomponents of the machine.

You must also specify your utility selections, such as gas, water, oil, and electricity.

Failure to specify these details or customize might lead you into purchasing a machine and discovering later that it incorporates characteristics that are not suitable for injection molding.

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