Complete Success: Our Company Donated One Equipment to Hunan Commercial Technician College

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In order to support the education industry and promote the development of school enterprise cooperation, on December 27, 2023, our company, in conjunction with the Hunan Chamber of Commerce, donated an NPC series injection molding machine worth 200000 yuan to Hunan Commercial Technician College. This initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to educational excellence and our dedication to fostering the next generation of skilled talent.


The donation ceremony was held at Hunan Commercial Technician College, attended by Ding Zhijun, representative of our company, Yu Bo, President of Hunan Chamber of Commerce, and several leaders and representatives of teachers and students from Hunan Commercial Technician College.

Ritual process

At the ceremony, the representative of our company introduced the main functions and technical characteristics of the injection molding machine, and said that our company has been committed to promoting the development of the education industry, and is willing to provide help for schools to train talents. We believe this move can play a certain role in cultivating talents in the school. And we hope that through this donation, we can provide more help and support for the education industry of the school.

The school expressed gratitude to our company and stated that we will make full use of this injection molding machine to further improve our practical teaching level and cultivate more outstanding applied talents.

Subsequently, our company signed a donation agreement with the school and held the unveiling ceremony of the injection molding machine.The ceremony was successfully concluded through multiple efforts.

Company vision

The successful holding of this donation ceremony marks a new level of cooperation between our company and Hunan Commercial Technician College. Our company looks forward to the next cooperation with the school,we believe that through joint efforts, both parties can achieve even more brilliant achievements in school enterprise cooperation and promoting the development of education.


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