Anti-Fraud Propaganda Enters the Enterprise, Safety Precautions Enter the Hearts of the People

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In order to further optimize the business environment, curb the frequent occurrence of various fraud crimes, improve the ability of large-scale enterprises in the jurisdiction to prevent telecommunications and network fraud, strengthen the awareness of enterprise employees to prevent telecommunications and network fraud, and fight the "combined fist" of national anti-fraud publicity, on the morning of October 25th, the Dongwu Town Public Security Sub-bureau took the Party Building Alliance as the carrier, combined with the actual situation of the jurisdiction, and joined the Judicial Office to enter NPC Machinery to conduct special lectures on anti-fraud for all members of the company, and effectively improve the anti-fraud of employees, to raise the awareness of fraud prevention and protect the "pockets" of employees.

"Telecom network fraud is a preventable fraud. It is better to prevent it after the fact than to attack it afterwards. It is better not to have no crime than to solve the case quickly. It is better not to be deceived than to recover more stolen goods." At the beginning of the lecture, the director Wang Minghai first analyzed the current objective situation of domestic telecommunications network fraud , the characteristics of the case, and the nature of the harm, help employees recognize the uncertainty of the time and space of the telecom network fraud case, as well as the high incidence rate of the case, and patiently urge the audience to pay attention to it, "Every comrade present should bind the mobile phone If you have a bank card, it is recommended to download and register the APP of the National Anti-Fraud Center, which can accurately monitor fraudulent calls and text messages and protect our property.”

Subsequently, the police in the jurisdiction demonstrated various common methods of telecommunications and network fraud and pension fraud through PPT, and combined with the actual cases of telegraphic fraud that occurred in the jurisdiction this year, they explained common modus operandi such as online loan fraud, online bill fraud, online dating to induce pig-killing fraud, posing as a leader to swindle, posing as a public prosecutor to swindle. During the period, the police also adopted interactive preaching skills. By imitating the words of criminals, they truly restored typical crime scenes such as pretending to be Taobao customer service to return goods and refunds, pretending to be relatives and friends asking for help and transferring money, reminding everyone to be vigilant against suspicious text messages and not to trust unknown calls and multi-dimensional verification of the other party's true identity allow the audience to master the necessary anti-fraud skills and build a defensive mentality. Director Wang highly summed up the anti-fraud mantra and gave it to the employees : don't listen, don't believe, don't transfer money.

Finally, the instructor of the police station reminded all employees not to disclose personal information on the Internet at will, not to click on unfamiliar websites, not to connect to unfamiliar WiFi, not to have the fluke mentality of being "greedy for petty gains", and to protect their "hard-earned money". Lawyers conducted legal publicity to the employees, explained the new changes and new features of fraudulent activities including pension fraud, telecommunications and network fraud, and called on the employees to actively cooperate with the public security organs in anti-fraud work and build an "online + offline" anti-fraud system, to avoid and reduce business and personal property losses to the greatest extent.

Through this activity, the coverage of anti-fraud publicity has been further expanded, and the awareness of anti-fraud of our employees has been enhanced.


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