A Visit to Hunan Merchants in Shunde

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On December 15, 2022, Ding Zhijun, general manager of our company, took the lead in visiting Hunan enterprises in Shunde District, Foshan City as Secretary-General of Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Shunde District, Foshan City.

Every time they visit a member, the leaders of the chamber of commerce will learn more about the situation of the member companies, the difficulties they encounter, and their future development plans. At the moment of the epidemic, under the influence of policies and environmental trends, entrepreneurs are also facing huge challenges. Integrating resources and mobilizing the resources of entrepreneurs from Hunan has become the next key goal of the Chamber of Commerce.

The member companies also expressed their deep gratitude for the visit to the chamber of commerce. The Hunan chamber of commerce is like the maternal family of entrepreneurs in Shunde.

The leader of the Chamber of Commerce said: "There are a lot of entrepreneurs from Hunan in Shunde, covering a wide range of industries. Through the platform of the Chamber of Commerce, everyone will come out more, communicate more, know more, pass on resource information, exchange what is needed, and give yourself opportunities. Opportunities for everyone are of great significance to the development of enterprises and chambers of commerce. We always practice the concept of "the chamber of commerce helps members, members help members, and members help chambers of commerce". We hope to make Hunan entrepreneurs bigger and stronger, and make the chamber of commerce into a Shunde Influential Chamber of Commerce."



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