7 Benefits Of Using An Injection Molding Machine

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Injection molding has several benefits. It is a low-cost, highly reproducible method of making high-precision plastic parts.

Once set up, it can make a large number of parts per hour from a variety of plastics as well as other materials such as liquid silicone rubber.

On top of these numerous advantages, it is important to partner with a reliable and trusted injection molding machine manufacturer.  

Here, we'll go through the primary benefits and discuss when it would be best to choose another alternative.

1. Efficient high production

Once the molds are created, the process is extremely quick, with cycle times as little as 10 seconds.

It is ideal for medium and high-volume manufacturing runs ranging from 10,000 to well over 100,000 components, depending on the molds used.

You can sometimes boost output by using multiple cavities or family mold, which produces numerous pieces from a single press, to further increase the manufacturing tempo.

If you are contracting your plastic injection molding, you should also think about an effective front-end design and order procedure - check out our on-demand output.

2. Low cost per part

The cost per part is quite low for high-volume production runs. Even for medium numbers - 10,000 to 25,000 components - using aluminum molds rather than steel can help you save money.

3. Repeatability

You can make identical things repeatedly. This is excellent when you need parts with tight tolerances and dependability in large quantities.

4. Large material choice

You can choose from a wide choice of plastic materials depending on the attributes you require from your final item. In addition to plastic, Protolabs also offers liquid silicone rubber molding.

You can even employ fillers in the molding material, which adds strength to the finished item, and you have a wide choice of colors to pick from - there are usually several alternatives.

5. Low waste

When contrasted with many other production processes, injection molding generates extremely little waste. Even if there is unwanted or discarded plastic, it can be recycled for future use.

injection molding machine

6. High detail

Under extremely high pressure, molten plastic is injected into the mold. This hardens the plastic against the molds, allowing for complicated and elaborate shapes as well as a high level of detail.

7. Little or no post-processing

In general, very little post-production is required because the sections have good aesthetics post-production.

We can make the injection molding tool with a particular finish that will be visible on the molded object right away. It can even be personalized with your logo or wording.

In Need of a High-Quality Injection Molding Machine?

After seeing the incredibly positive effects of injection molding machines, the requirement for this becomes critical to us.

Hence the need to partner with a reputable and trustworthy injection molding machine manufacturer.

NPC Precision Machinery Co., Ltd ensures that you will receive your desired quality and highly durable injection molding machine.

We will do everything necessary to provide you with the best because of our cutting-edge equipment and crew of high-tech professionals.

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